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Restaurant Marketing Plans: Marketing Phrases with 20 Ideas to Increase Restaurant Sales

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1 year ago

Restaurant Marketing Plans: Marketing Phrases with 20 Ideas to Increase Restaurant Sales

Marketing does not depend on the opening of the restaurant only, it accompanies restaurants throughout their work, and it is necessary to create advertising ideas to increase restaurant sales through continuous marketing plans fit with the situation reached by the restaurant and at each stage. Perhaps successful marketing is often unique marketing that carries strange ideas to attract audiences and get them to experience what the restaurant offers.

Therefore, in this article we will take you on a tour of how to make marketing plans and create classic or innovative advertising ideas to increase restaurant sales and thus bring the greatest benefit to these restaurants.

Restaurant Marketing Plans With Ideas For Increasing Sales:

At the very beginning, it is important to talk about the necessity of having an identity for restaurants, because that creates a preconceived image for the audience in the future. As soon as the name is presented later in front of the audience, for example, they will quickly understand what the place means, or even when they see the logo, there will be a prior mental image about the place and they will be able to remember the name and shape of the place. This comes from the fact that the identity of the place enhances the creation of a story around it, and the successful story makes it everlasting. Thus, the first marketing plan for the restaurant's identity industry helps in building it, then it is followed by other promotional ideas to confirm and support the first success.

  1. The restaurant's identity and the special story that comes from the name, logo and location:

As mentioned above, the launch of an identity for the restaurant, including a name and a logo, increases the attractiveness of the restaurant and increases the possibility of the public remembering it constantly. What raises the value of this identity is the accompanying story, which always begins with a sentence that becomes part of the place and its story. For example, if there is a fast food restaurant that depends on food delivery only, it might use a slogan such as “with you everywhere” or “with us, forget about hunger.” This special saying or slogan will make the audience remember the restaurant as soon as it is mentioned, and thus it is the basis on which the marketing process is built, so to say.

  1. Social Media:

Social networks or media have become an integral part of the marketing process, because of what it provides in terms of speed of reaching the audience and a mechanism for targeting the required group exceeds what other marketing methods offer, especially the classic ones. Thus, any marketing plans for restaurants better provide ideas to attract the audience before opening through new and innovative advertising phrases.

Restaurant marketing ideas include methods such as teasing menus or launching competitions to predict the identity of the place where the restaurant will be opened.

The Most Important Social Media Platforms Include:


Perhaps when talking about restaurants, Instagram is considered to be the ideal platform for the assistance options it provides, such as the speed of spread, the ability to add photos, add videos, or even the ability to reach the target audience.

Attention-grabbing photos on Instagram are the best way to highlight the “eyes eat before the mouth” attraction, as the saying goes.


The most widespread network in the world, but it fits more in specific markets than others. Despite this, it is most influential on the results of restaurants because of the options it offers to create private pages and the possibility of content reaching as many people as possible through interaction on posts or even when using them for ads.

it's considered as the preferred platform after Instagram for restaurants in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, especially due to the presence of the large audience and the ease of targeting the preferred category through similar hashtags and accounts.


It's not the best place to post attractive and unique photos, but it is an influential platform to talk about the place through celebrities or influencers.

This platform is a great place to talk about what goes on behind the scenes to encourage the audience to interact and go to the place.

Tik Tok:

The awesome speed of spread achieved by the Tik Tok app over the past period, and the app's working mechanism and AI algorithms may have made accessibility to the public easier.

Thus, it can be used to create short clips encouraging the audience, motivating them to try some meals, for example, or highlighting the beauty of the place.


An important platform for posting and marketing innovative recipes and distinctive images, and it is a platform that enables targeting certain groups in an enriching way.

It should be said that the use of hashtags in posts on all social networks is an essential to reach the target audience

When it's about pizza restaurant, it is better to use tags such as "# pizza - # pizza-margarita" and others consistent with food.

  1. Competitions Through Social Media:

Competitions increase the interaction anywhere, but on social media this interaction multiplies, which contributes to speed up the spread of the restaurant's name, and reaching the largest audience base.

And the larger the fan base, the greater the possibility of switching this audience to customers who increase the amount of demand for the restaurant and make extra income.

  1. Advertisements:

Advertisements always help in caching the audience attention, whether it is the old audience to remind them of the place or the new audience in order to attract them for the first time.

The advertisements include several types between the visual and the printed type, such as banners, paper ads, and social network ads.

Network advertisements

It is the most common type of advertising, as it can reach a large number of audiences at the lowest costs, especially on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook is capable of targeting audiences with high accuracy and is suitable for those who want a specific but high-cost category compared to social networks.

It includes all ads on websites, newspapers or even paper ads.

  1. Create A Website:

Although most restaurants currently focus on social networks, creating a website increases the restaurant's value to the audience and makes it easier for them to access all social networks by including them, their access to the menu, and others.

The presence of the website also puts an idea in the mind of the audience that this restaurant has high potential, and thus enhances their acceptance.

  1. SEO Site Optimization

If the website is available, it is important to consider its ability to compete in search engines and easier access for users through SEO, which helps the audience to directly access the site by simply searching on Google.

It can be said that adding a blog within the site to talk about the food and the restaurant helps in reaching audience faster through search engines.

  1. Building App:

Large restaurants are launching their own apps, as those apps help the public learn about what restaurants offer and their prices and allow them to be ordered easily online, an important step to gain a new category that may not prefer to go to restaurants itself.

This means that the restaurant's launch of its own app will increase public access even without them directly attending the place or liking them on social networks.

  1. Food Delivery:

The food delivery service enhances the possibility of attracting a specific group of the audience – those who do not prefer to go to restaurants. This provides an increase in sales without providing additional services to the public when they come to the place and reduces pressure on the work team, especially during crowded periods.

  1. Digital Menu:

The presence of a digital menu in the website, the app, or even external apps, helps the audience to experience the largest number of meals provided in the restaurant.

This means a greater chance for the audience to like the restaurant's meals, and thus improve the sales of some meals and improve the income through them.

  1. Subscribe to Food Apps:

Subscribing to food delivery apps opens new income ways that were not previously available, and having the restaurant in them means getting a new audience that might not have known about the restaurant before using the app.

Food delivery apps that can be subscribed to include:

  • Hungarstation

  • طلبات - Talabat

  • جاهز - Jahez

  • نقوه - Ngwa

  • Uber Eats

  • Carriage

  • وصل - Wssel

  • مذاقي - Mathaqi

  1. Get Reviews About The Place:

Encouraging the audience to write their reviews about the place on social media or Google means that they have reached the place and tried different meals, and this will makes it easier for the people that has not tried the restaurant yet, to go and see it buy themselves.

The restaurant's high rating also helps it appear more to users on social networks or within the Google search engine.

  1. Reply To The Reviews:

Responding to audience reviews expresses the restaurant's interest in its customers, and its keenness to constantly improve their experience, which encourages and attracts more customers.

  1. Adding Information About The Restaurant On Google Maps And Search Engine:

Adding location information on Google approves its existence, especially when adding location information on Google Maps, which makes it easier for the customers to access the place.

The restaurant name existences in search engine improves its visibility to the public by simply searching for restaurants to try out in a specific area.

  1. Loyalty Programs:

Loyalty programs enhance the public's sense of importance, thereby increasing its confidence in the place and bringing in new customers.

Loyalty programs include, for example:

  • Discounts at restaurants.

  • Discounts on orders above a specified prices.

  • Provide additional meals when ordering specific meals.

  • Giving gifts to customers every now and then.


  1. Making Offers:

Offers support the attraction of people. Discounts on meals and additional meals occasionally increase the ability of the audience to experience the restaurant at the lowest cost, after which the restaurant can turn the experience into continuous revenue by making the audience a real customers through the quality of what it offers.

  1. Marketing Through Influencers:

Influencer marketing is one of the latest powerful methods of marketing, as it expresses the story of a real experience that the audience sees in front of them, and thus their confidence in the person is reflected in their confidence in what the restaurant offers, which raises the audience’s demand for it.

Influencers can be reached directly to ask for their help, or through dedicated platforms such as Dolphinus, ArabyAds, and other platforms.

  1. Attract Bloggers and Food And Restaurants Content Creators To Try Out The Place:

This step is no less than the previous step, but here it focuses on specialists in talking about food, and thus reaching a larger target audience of food lovers, which achieves greater positive results.

The people here may be Writers, Podcasters, or YouTubers, so they're not as the ordinary influencers on social media that we all know.

  1. Billboards:

It is necessary for any restaurant to place billboards at the place or in distant areas on the road to indicate the presence of the restaurant, which helps in attracting the attention of an audience that may be in the place for the first time from travelers or drivers on the road.

  1. Enhancing The Role Of Public Relations And Press Releases:

Perhaps this point is overlooked by many, but it has an indirect effect on restaurants and other projects, as it helps the name of the restaurant appear again and again in front of people.

Having strong public relations and frequently posted press releases about the latest developments on news websites helps remind people of the importance of the restaurant.

  1. Organizing Events Along With Public Events:

Public events, such as holidays, make people go out to entertainment venues, including restaurants, and help order food at times due to the lack of time to prepare food, which increases the attraction of restaurants to people during those periods.

But it can be said that organizing events along with public events helps people choose one place over another, so it is important to attract them.

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