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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social media is one of the most important elements of your success in marketing your online business. Its importance has increased dramatically in recent years, and its uses have also evolved.

If you are a business owner and want to use this huge amount of development to reach the largest number of customers, you must spread out your business on all social media platforms through a pre-prepared plan. Managing social media pages is a complex process that requires effort and time in planning, analyzing, writing and designing posts for each platform.

Social Media Account Management Services:

It's not hard to create your own brand pages on social media platforms. It's completely free of complexities. But it requires systematic work and sustained strategic planning to give you a return on your investment and increase your sales, This will also support brand publicity, and improve the results of interaction with your customers, This is what we offer at Emargy Studio, marketing service and social media account management and also helping you build your business with a thoughtful marketing plan, Provide great and amazing content suitable for posting and timed simultaneously with rush hour on social media to increase the number of views, Follow-up responding to comments and private messages, manage your continued presence on different platforms and provide content that clearly expresses you.

Benefits Of Managing Social Media Accounts For Your Business:

The most important benefits and features of managing social media accounts for your business professionally, and their impact on increasing interaction with your customers and the growth of your sales:

  1. Increase your brand awareness.

  2. Increase engagement rates for your content.

  3. Increase remittances and sales.

  4. Collecting information about targeted customers.

  5. promoting your presence in search engines.

  6. Provide better customer service.

  7. Building a strong and easy-to-communicate relationship with clients.

  8. Recognize immediate and powerful reactions.

  9. Get a free evaluation of your product.

  10. Build an online community that is loyal to your brand.

  11. Easy to get feedback from your audience.

Social Media Management Business Plan Provides You:

  1. Analysis of social platform accounts:

    Analyze information on the performance of your social media platforms and competitors to develop an interactive business plan for your brand

  2. Content Planning:

    Preparing an extensive work plan for content management for all your social media platforms in a way that suits the targeted audience and achieves awareness and interaction for your brand.

  3. Designing the visual identity of social media platforms:

    Provide a range of professional designs for all social media platform posts reflecting the brand image professionally

  4. Publishing and Scheduling:

    Scheduling posts according to the targeted audience presence times on different accounts.

  5. Periodic Tracking:

    Periodically audit social media accounts and content strategies

  6. Analysis and Performance Tracking:

    Analyze your publications performance tracking, targeted audience interaction, and identify the most effective elements and focus on them in the future.

Why Do You Need To Start Managing Social Media Accounts:

Checking your presence and marketing through social media accounts has become one of the necessities that every customer seeks, to learn about your products, and to look for everything related to your business. Therefore, your customers expect your permanent presence through your social media accounts, to see all the offers and news you offer. Your continuous interaction with customers, customer service and quick responses reflect your professionalism and increase your clients' permanent loyalty. Here comes the role of the team in managing social media pages, where we guarantee you:

  • Show your business presence in front of the target audience and communicate professionally.

  • Study strategic marketing plans to win more customers and increase profits.

  • Rely on a special strategy to manage your social media pages (social media accounts) and reach your customers with marketing messages for your products and services.

  • Increase the number of visits of your existing and new customers on your website.

  • Study the behavior and nature of the target audience and know their requirements for a better strategic plan.

  • Knowing your competitors and overcoming the obstacles and threats that you may face in the market with smart and innovative marketing methods that add competitive value to you in the commercial field.

  • Reducing costs resulting from following wrong or traditional marketing methods without success.

  • Improving the management of your business pages on social media accounts to support your marketing goals and your content.

  • We develop a thoughtful plan that suits your business activity and the audience, addressing customers in an understandable language, and adopting “trends” within social media posts that can fascinates and makes a lot of your customers curious.

  • We follow plans and results throughout the implementation and management of your social media accounts services.

  • Provide attractive and wonderful content for each platform separately, while determining the best times for posting content.

  • We provide detailed reports and continuous comprehensive analysis of social media accounts and latest updates.

  • Periodically analyze and monitor competitors to find out the latest updates.


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